Upgrading batteries

I would like more info from the Audi engineers about replacing batteries In A3 Etrons. I have a 2016 that’s working perfectly however I have always thought the range is too short. With new more efficient batteries available now, will I be able to install one in place of the original?

Boy that’s an interesting question. That generation A3 is going out of production, and I’m curious how that’ll work or if they’ll support higher density replacement batteries. The e-tron (SUV) battery is a whole other animal, and cells replaceable separately so probably more likely to be available in this way.

I’m going to hope for after-market batteries to provide a modern upgrade someday. I haven’t heard anything about this to be available from Audi although they are working hard to develop their EV lines. I think Audi is developing multiple smaller batteries that are replaceable instead of only one large battery so maybe theres hope for the A3 to get a replacement system that will also increase the mileage. I wonder if I can convince Elon to produce one of his “ million mile” batteries that will fit Audis too.

Regards, Rich