Tesla Charging Adapters?

I’ve heard that there are adapters you can get to make Tesla charging stations work. I’m headed to Bar Harbor, Maine / Acadia National Park on vacation next summer and our hotel has a Tesla charging station (8kw and 16 kw), and there are few other charging stations on the island. I’d like to try to make these work, but obviously don’t want to damage my car. Does anybody have any experience on this?

I think it’s going to take more than just an adapter. I don’t think Tesla chargers have a payment pad on them, as a Tesla car owner just plugs the cord into the car and the charger reads the car’s VIN and any charges goes straight to the users account. I read somewhere that Electrify America and Audi (and for VW/Porsche too) are working on software to allow this with the VW family of EVs. I’m not sure how far out this is, but I hope our e-trons can be updated. Once this happens, Tesla can open their chargers to other makes of EVs.

I don’t know if there’s a charge on the destination chargers, and I know of owners of other cars who claim to have used them this way. That said, I reached out to a friend at Audi to see if this would damage the car in any way, and the response I got is that they do not condone it