Ready for a Wisconsin winter

While I know I’ll be driving less miles this winter I decided to get winter tires for my etron. The set up is the standard Audi Winter wheel & tire package the etron - 8" x 19" wheels with Continental ContiWinterContact TS850P tires.

The etron rides a lot better on the softer tires in the cold weather. Big difference in efficiency over the 21" wheels so far.


Nice choice. How much did efficiency jump?

While it’s been only 2 weeks on the snows, with my short drives (5 -30mi) it’s between 5% & 10% better. My Xmas eve drive Madison-Milwaukee RT - last year temps were in the 40’s and this year it was around 15 with gusty winds. I got about the same consumption - 2.1mi/kWh @77.

The ride is a lot better with the softer winter tires.