Looking for Input for Those Using Electrify America (EA)

Looking for some input on Electrify America. Since I work with Audi Club and own an e-tron, our contacts on the American e-tron team had asked me about my experience with Electrify America credits, and I’d offered to reach out to others so am sharing here. Specifically, they’re looking into how e-tron owners are utilizing their free 1,000 kWh credits from Electrify America.

The questions are:

  1. Have you used your 1000 kWh energy credits at Electrify America? If yes, how much energy have you used so far?

  2. If you have exhausted your 1000 kWh, what option are you using to charge in public? Did you download the Electrify America app and sign up for their subscription plan? Or did you sign up for a plan with another charging point operator such as EVgo, etc.?

  3. How do you plan to charge in public after your free energy credits are over?

I’ve had my e-tron for six months. Within that first month (December 2019).

After failing to get a EA charger to work on a cold day in Milwaukee (my first EA charging session), I’ve used them in Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford, IL and Schaumburg, Il, all trouble free using both my free Audi credits and just a few days ago, a credit card because the MyAudi app stopped working for a lot of e-tron owners according to other forums. I used a credit card and it worked OK.

I’ve also signed up for Chargepoint and EVgo accounts. I’ve used Chargepoint chargers many times, both at free and pay stations. I have not tried EVgo yet.

I’ve only used about 200kWh of the EA credits in the six months of driving as I’ve not made any trips in the last 3 months. Before the virus restrictions, I had a spring and summer trip planned - and even before the big drop in gas prices, I decided I would go with my Q7 instead of the e-tron because of the number of stopped needed to charge, finding HS chargers in some areas and very surprising to me that it would cost a lot more going electric vs.gas.

Lastly, I hope there will be more Level 3 charging stations from both ChargePoint and EVgo to fill in the EA gap areas and also see if the prices come down a bit. Right now if I didn’t have the free credits, I would choose the monthly $4 EA plan sit would pay for itself in one or two charges per month.

Thanks for responding. They may still be interviewing and so I’ll pass this along. I’ll drop you a note if they want to ask further questions.

We took delivery of a 2021 E-Tron SUV on December 18, 2020. Now do you access the 1,000 kwh complimentary charging credits with EA? The dealer didn’t mention anything about this to us.

Did you set up your MyAudi account and app? Once you have that set up, you activate the EA charger within the MyAudi app. Click on that option in the app and it’ll prompt you to enter the charger’s number (you’ll see it on the charger’s screen). From there it will activate.