Looking for Input for Those Using Electrify America (EA)

Looking for some input on Electrify America. Since I work with Audi Club and own an e-tron, our contacts on the American e-tron team had asked me about my experience with Electrify America credits, and I’d offered to reach out to others so am sharing here. Specifically, they’re looking into how e-tron owners are utilizing their free 1,000 kWh credits from Electrify America.

The questions are:

  1. Have you used your 1000 kWh energy credits at Electrify America? If yes, how much energy have you used so far?

  2. If you have exhausted your 1000 kWh, what option are you using to charge in public? Did you download the Electrify America app and sign up for their subscription plan? Or did you sign up for a plan with another charging point operator such as EVgo, etc.?

  3. How do you plan to charge in public after your free energy credits are over?