In Case You Were Wondering About Towing

In case you were wondering about towing, Audi Tulsa and the Oklahoma Chapter of the Electric Auto Association just ran an e-tron from OK to Austin, TX for Fully Charged Live. A friend of mine who was involved drop me this not.

“At 1.3 mi/kWh, we were still getting over 100 miles per charge. Conditions were abysmal (near freezing temps, intermittent rain, high winds, a tall trailer at max weight, two trailer axles, cloth panels on the trailer catching lots of wind, highway speeds, and rolling terrain), so the average efficiency number is pretty darn impressive.”

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We had an Audi Club member reach out to the main office looking for the trailer details this week. As a result, I ended up reaching out to AoA to learn specifically what was used. Here’s what they told me.

The Sloan Kwik Load trailer used in the towing demo was 1,950 lbs., meaning the entire trailer weight should still be under 4,000 lbs.

Hopefully that does the trick. We anticipate the scaffolding and canvas on the trailer probably got it right up to about 4,000 lbs. with the car. There are lighter aluminum trailers that will allow for a hair more buffer.