Friend at Audi Seeking MyAudi App Input & Comments

Have feelings on the MyAudi app? PLEASE READ.

A friend at Audi USA on the e-tron tea is compiling notes and presentations on myAudi app issues that owners are experiencing. Do you have anything you’d like to share and make sure is included? Can be anything myAudi app related and e-tron. This is USA relevant folks, so FYI. If your problem is specific to another market then it may or may not apply.


  1. Electrify America operation has been spotty at times, not working so I have to go into the EA app and buy.


  1. It’d be nice if I could see how much EA credit I have left from purchasing my car.
  2. It’d be nice if I didn’t have to key in the EA charger to activate, but could scan or use proximity sensing.
  3. It’d be nice if the EA network could tell me which chargers are available AND operational before plugging in my car and hand entering the charger number in the rain just to learn that that charger doesn’t want to work with my car.
  4. In the charging operations portion, I’d like to be able to adjust the charge-to percentage from (80 to 100 for example) remotely so that if I am planning a longer trip and the car is on the charger, I don’t need to go to the car and do it manually.
  5. Please add a DEACTIVATE function foot sensor to open trunk function. It’s so inconsistent (or my foot is) that my trunk regularly hits my bike carrier, or starts to close and hits me in the head. I HATE this function and would permanently deactivate it if I could. It inconsistently works when I want it and surprisingly consistently activates when I don’t want it.

I agree with all listed except the foot sensor for the rear gate. Previous to the latest software update it would spontaneously start to close. Seems to be fixed.
I would add the issue with lag time between sending a navigation destination to the e-tron from the app. It has taken hours or even days before it pops up that the destination has been received by vehicle.

For me, using the stationary climate control feature is the most important part of the MyAudi app. It failed me many times this winter when pre-heating the car and battery is needed. Problems with the app itself and the poor AT&T coverage indoors (in my garage and many covered and underground parking lots) combined for a lot of trips starting out with a cold battery that causes high battery lost at the start of many trips.

I also think displaying 7 photos of my e-tron is a waste of the app’s resources - put that into something useful in the app. I know what the outside and inside of my e-tron looks like.

  • General connectivity/response time: I never know whether the app will successfully connect to the car. Connection issues seem to be almost constant. When the app does connect, it takes an interminable amount of time to read data from the car and display the results.
  • I second tmiele’s frustration about the photos of my car at the top of the screen. It literally takes up half the screen. Surely it would be better to use that real estate to display information that helps us do what we came to the app to do.
  • Some of the wording in the app, while technically accurate, doesn’t make sense. Maybe this occurred in translation from German to English. For example: “Charging not possible”. To me this sounds like there’s a problem with the car, when in reality it just means the EVSE charge cable isn’t connected. This is a simple fix, someone needs to go through the app and address the text that doesn’t make sense in English.
  • The overnight charging settings, “charging planning”, need to be overhauled, both in the app and in the MMI. It does not need to be this difficult to tell the car to start or finish charging at a specific time.
  • Some users of the app have the ability to set the max charge percentage on their cars (80%, 100%, etc.) and others don’t. We haven’t been able to determine what makes this functionality appear for some folks and not others. What’s up with that?
  • I’m not always able to use the location functionality to see where my car is currently located. Even when the app is connecting properly with the car, I’ll see a location on the map that my car hasn’t been at in several days.

I’ve seen the VW Car-Net app online and it looks interesting. The app looks clean and you can do a lot from the main screen. I don’t know how they will interface it with the ID-4, but they are starting with a better home screen than the MyAudi app. Maybe the Audi team should take a look at it to improve the MyAudi app.

MyAudi App is a disaster. Unworkable.

Anybody have a procedure to Reset everything and start from scratch? Or will that not help connectivity, and we just have to wait for an updated MyAudi App? (currently 3.2.1)

Not sure about resetting the app (other than uninstalling it from your phone and then re-installing. On the car, there is a setting in MMI that will let you re-set the car to factory settings. I had some issues early on with the charge timing not allowing it to charge and resetting that helped fix that problem. Good luck.