Fifth Gear Pits e-tron against Tesla Model X in this Video

In case you missed it, Fifth Gear pitted the e-tron against the Tesla Model X. There were a number of interesting outcomes.

First, they drag-raced two times in a row. It’s close both times, but the e-tron took more of a lead the second time around. Given all of the discussion about Tesla’s performance repeatability, I would’ve been curious to see what happened the third time.

Next, on a road course, the e-tron was the better car, more communicative and even though it had less power and is heavier, it knocked 4 seconds off the lap time of the Model X. Impressive.

In the end, Fifth Gear commentators chose the Model X, based on subjective impressions of controls (I’d argue e-tron is better, but admittedly more traditional), and my U.S. spec e-tron doesn’t have the digital mirrors that they didn’t like. They also dinked the e-tron for the charging network, which in practical use for an owner is likely about 10% of the time you charge (less for me) and also here in America we have Electrify America that’s actually faster and rapidly growing its network, particularly in the interstate highway corridors.