E-Tron Car Covers with Charging Ports?

Has anyone been able to find a suitable car cover that still allows access to charging ports? I found one listed on CarCraft, but they could not actually confirm that it HAS a port, nor on which side of the car it’s on (and we’re looking for both sides…).

Any leads greatly appreciated!

California Car Cover. I just bought my fourth “Plushweave” 100% cotton “inside only” car cover for my 2019 e-tron Prestige. Complete with charging flap with Velcro, antenna and mirror pockets too. Fits like a glove. Expensive but you get what you pay for in any truly custom car cover, which this cover most definitely IS. Same EXACT quality PERFECT FIT on my i3 as well as my ‘50 Cadillac and ‘50 Chevrolet. I’ve tried many other brands nothing comes close to the fitment, quality and service provided by California Car Cover. Be prepared to wait around a month as the covers are custom made in the USA (mine came from Fort Worth, Texas). I cannot stress how much I’m impressed by their quality. I can only speak personally to their “Plushweave” car cover. Family and friends have other California Car Cover fabrics and styles with no complaints.

One important requirement; make sure you keep the front of the car cover that covers the upper and lower front cooling grilles flipped up to ensure adequate battery cooling during charging. Easy to accomplish with the decent fitment of this car cover. Safety first!

I have a ‘19 with charging only on the drivers side. I’m venturing their specs say both sides for charging port access BUT make sure to confirm/request this ahead of time. Accept no substitutes as this is a very competitive market, again, you get what you pay for in my years of experience.

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Thanks very much!!!