Connecting the Audi to Car play and online stations

I’ve only had the etron a couple weeks and noticed that sometimes the apple car play doesn’t connect right away. Sometimes it doesn’t connect automatically at all. Does anyone know the way to trigger the connection every time?
I’ve also found that sometimes the car play is not responsive. It just waits seemingly trying to retrieve information from the phone? For instance, it will allow me to pull up Spotify and show me pod casts, however, I press the podcast to play, but nothing happens. Any ideas why?

My wireless Car Play connects correctly about 95 percent of the time. Make sure your e-tron has received all of the applicable software updates from the dealer. Some of the Car Play issues have been addressed by these MMI software updates. With respect to app issues, I have noticed similar issues with non-responsiveness on the Sirius/XM app. This seems to occur when I am in an area with poor cellular coverage, but I can’t decisively confirm that’s the cause. I have also had issues with non-responsiveness of the Sirius/XM app when my 2 GB data allotment thru the car’s AT&T cellular connection has been reached.