Brake Regeneration

Does anyone know the nitty gritty specifics of the brake regeneration? In other words, when do the brake pads kick in vs the regeneration?

Is it worth it for me to anticipate stopping by using the paddle - to add regeneration or just brake as normal and the car has enough sensors to figure out the proper amount depending on the road traveled?

The car does a great job figuring it out, you don’t need to use the paddles unless you want to manually increase or decrease the rate of regen/deceleration. When the battery is charged above 80%, the brakes are used more, due to the fact that there’s less space in the battery to add regenerated power. My experience is that regen is used about 95% of the time. Generally speaking, I only notice the brakes being activated when reversing, or the last few feet of coming to a stop.

Thanks for the reply. Follow up, how do you actually know that the brakes are kicking in vs the regeneration?

It’s difficult to tell, you need to be on a smooth road when stopping and listen for brake sound and you can also sometimes feel it in the pedal, the slight friction feel of the brakes coming on. It’s easier when reversing, you can feel/hear the brakes engage.