Are You a NY e-tron Owner? Audi May Want to Hear from You

I got a call from a friend at Audi today. The NY Power Authority contacted them seeking some NY e-tron owners who’d be willing to speak about their personal experiences if you are from NY state and you use your car in one of three different scenarios. They’d like to do video interviews, and may use to run at NY Auto Show. Audi may also augment viewership, but that’s TBD.

Scenarios being sought are:

1.) Own an e-tron but don’t have charging at home, so only charging on public chargers. My guess is this is likely a city dweller or someone living in an apartment complex.

2.) Own an e-tron and commute, charging primarily at home or at work.

3.) Own an e-tron and commute on longer trips, so using the charging infrastructure on NY highways.

Alas, I’m in PA so while #2 describes my wife’s use, we don’t qualify because this is a NY thing.

If you ARE FROM NY and want to take part, drop me a note and I’ll send your info over to Audi. If you aren’t from NY then save me the time of telling you they don’t want to hear from you just like they don’t want to hear from me. :wink:

Shoot me a PM or respond here and I’ll reach out to you. You can also email me at Thanks guys.