Acadia Maine Roadtrip in the Works

My wife booked our lodging for our summer vacation in Maine next August and so I did some route prep today. Yes, I know there’ll probably be more infrastructure by summer, but for now I’m prepped and it doesn’t look like we’ll lose much time over last year in our ICE Audi Q7.

I’m going to have to test run to check my range once the weather gets warm again. This’ll be the most loaded we have ever had it, with new Audi Accessories roof bars and cargo box on the roof, plus a Thule hitch mount on the back with our two Super 73 ebikes, my wife, daughters and all our stuff.

Also, I may run the 22-inch SQ7 wheels on summer tires… but we’ll see what that all does to range. If necessary, I can run the factory 21s that are lighter and less contact patch for increased efficiency. Efficient would be good, but looking good is also good. :wink:

Here’s the planned itinerary.

DAY 1: Hershey, PA to Freeport, ME

    1. Hershey to EA Fairfield, NJ Target (153 miles, 2h 24m + 40m charge time = 3h 4m) 3:04
    1. Fairfield,NJ to EA White Plains, NY NY Dalewood Shping Ctr (33 miles, 40m + 15m charge = 55m) 3:59m
    1. White Plains, NY to EA Auburn, MA Auburn Mall (148 miles, 2h 22m + 40m charge = 3h 2m) 7:02m
    1. Auburn, MA to Freeport, ME hotel charger overnight (159 miles, 2h 24m)

Total Projected Travel Time: 9h 26m

DAY 2: Freeport, ME to Bar Harbor, ME

  1. Freeport, ME to Bar Harbor (143 miles, 2h 49m)

Total Projected Travel Time: 2h 49m

Our longest run in this is 159 miles. We were getting around 180 range with the 22s last summer, so with all the added kit, it could be tight. In our longest run from Mass up to Freeport, there’s an EA near Portland that I can hit should I need to top off. Then, coming back, the 143 mile run will be mainly on Route 1 through some coastal towns, so I figure we won’t get dinked on efficiency there because we won’t be trying to push so much air at high speed with that roof box and the drag from the bikes.

Will revisit this as we get closer. If you have any recommendations for me, let me know… particularly if you have intel on Acadia. I’m finding a Tesla destination charger at my hotel that might work with a converter cable, but otherwise just one non Tesla ChargePoint on the southern side of the island at a marina.