2020 Q5 Hybrid has very slow 120V charging

Prospective buyers of the new 2020 Q5 Hybrid (Model 55 TFSIe) need to be aware that 120V charging of the Q5’s 14.1 KWh battery takes 22 hrs. This means it is not possible to fully recharge the car each evening. This is very unfortunate since many drivers are likely to utilize the short 20 mile EPA electric range of the car daily. The long charge time also makes it difficult to use the car’s timer to defer charging to lower electricity rate periods, since any departure time will force charging to be started immediately. This contrasts with most other PHEV vehicles, which are able to fully recharge using 120V in about 6-8 hours.

To be practical, the 2020 Q5 Hybrid needs to be charged from a 240V outlet, which reduces the charging time to a more reasonable 3 hours.

I have an e-tron and we learned the same thing. If you are in an emergency and have no options than a 120V outlet might make sense. In the end, it totally made sense for us to install a Juice Box charger in our home and we have access to ChargePoint at work. In the end, a car charger is a great investment for a modern home.